Crystal Cruse and Chrism

April 22, 2012

Back when I was in the “hole” at the Criminal Justice Center, they made me eat rotten, wormy little apples with grubs in them.  Jesus said, “Believe it or not, there are some things humans won’t eat.”  This morning I had a dream.  I was digging for grubs and I thought “I could always dig for grubs!”  And me without my spoon!  At the soup kitchen, where we always eat with spoons, I sat across from a couple regulars and they said they wanted me to be their pastor and something about paying me.  This caught me by surprise, but maybe the dream was related in that I may have a change of diet if I do not follow the Lord in this calling.  Jesus told me, “All the food gets better.”  I told them, “Don’t do anything without telling me first!”  Ha ha.  Some years ago, I had a dream in which I saw a hand, maybe God’s hand, with a very small sprig or shoot between the forefinger and thumb, maybe a little leaf or two.  Jesus said, “With each new spring, his pastoral power(s) increased.”  Eight words, by the way.  At St. Mary’s about a year ago, I prayed in the spirit to be a pastor.  Jesus mentioned what he calls the “Valid Church”.

This spring, something interesting has been transpiring.  It has to do with oil.  What little Bible reading I do has been focused, not intentionally on my part, on oil.  I read in Exodus about the oil and perfume.  I read a few chapters in Mark and noticed something interesting.  There is much emphasis on Jesus and his laying on of hands for healing and touching eyes, ears, tongues, people reaching out to touch him or his garments.  Jesus told me years ago, “Lay hands on the sick and they will recover.”  But in Mark 6, when Jesus sent out the disciples, they anointed with oil and healed the sick!  Check it out for yourself.  Jesus didn’t use oil but his disciples did.  Explain that.  He used saliva, but no oil (correct me if I’m wrong).  How many times have I read that and not seen it?  I saw by random the different things the oil was contained in such as “cruse” and “log”.  Don’t believe me? Google “log of oil”.

Many of you know, who read my erstwhile blog on Blogger, that I was called to win the Powerball back in August 2001 but didn’t do it.  Another story for another time.  Why is this important?  Because someone invited me to come visit Set Free Ministries, a biker church and I went that one time only because it is so far away and I must walk everywhere since my car was stolen.  I mean, towed.  They had a yard sale and I “found” a beautiful crystal vial with a stopper.  Perfect for oil.  I asked how much it was and was told “one dollar”.  I had one dollar in my wallet.  The exact amount of a Powerball ticket.  Why is this important? Because later that evening was when the largest jackpot in history was won.  After I lost the Powerball, I had two vision which are relevant to this post.  In one, I said to God, “Into your hands I commit my Powerball ticket.”  Then I saw God’s hand and he was holding the ticket.  Then he said, “Here’s a dollar; go buy a ticket.”  I have rarely had a dollar to my name since then and I don’t panhandle even though the Holy Spirit said, “Anyone who’s true to Christ is going to wander as a beggar.”  On Tuesday, Pastor Patricia bought me a little bottle of oil.  Yesterday, Saturday, I went to the breakfast feed in America the Beautiful park and Pastor Outlaw was there and I reminded him of the blessing I received at his church and he asked me if I had put any oil in the crystal vial, which I keep in my tent.  I had just come from Wal Mart along the trail and had a bottle of olive oil in my hand for that very purpose.  One of the women at the park is going to give me more oil next week (the 28th).  Technically, I discovered recently in Ex 25 and 30, olive oil is used for light and spices are used for anointing oil.  Jesus says, “This is where we get the best oil.”

Yesterday morning before I left my tent, I held up the vial and the little oil bottle which I now keep with me in my pocket to God in the spirit and said a powerful prayer over them.  This is consecrated and sanctified in the Lord now.  Maybe this is why CSPD threatened to attack us last Friday.  I trust it will be there when I return this evening.


As of Tuesday the 24th: the Lord has been encouraging me to put the oil in the vessel which I have been reluctant to do as it keeps falling over on the floor of my tent and we get a lot of violent wind through here.  Also, I do not perceive any apparent reason to load it up now and it can be readied in a trice if needed.  This morning I saw myself pouring it in and I thought, “I could put some oil in the tank”, which is 8 words.  So I did.  He encouraged me to leave it where it is, too.  It may be some kind of spiritual countermeasure.  But I know obedience is important even if I don’t know the reasons.

Another interesting note: After I put the word cruse in the title, I saw on that a youngster named Kruse won a Fulbright scholarship.

As of May 19, 2012: the Holy Spirit showed me in a vision to move the cruse to the middle of the tent, just above where I lay my head, from where it has been in the corner.  It appeared as an amber glow.  I was concerned about losing it and he said, It will find its way back to you.  This reminded me of 1 Samuel 5 and 6, when the Philistines captured the ark of the covenant and the hand of the Lord was heavy upon them, forcing them to relinquish their treasure and return it to Israel.

May 31 in the morning, I was lying in my tent and prayed by the spirit: “God, I need a miracle.”  Then I saw an angel with big wings spread straight out to the sides and a halo around his head and I assumed my prayer was heard and would be answered.  Later, I remembered that he may have been where the oil cruse was.  The night before, I felt led to anoint the ground around my tent with the leftover olive oil, which I did; by the Hebrew calendar, the evening of the 30th was actually part of the following day.  Several years ago, when I was arrested and incarcerated for visiting my mother, I was taken from jail, where I was serving a one-year sentence for violating a fraudulent restraining order (VFRO), to the courthouse for the trespassing charge which also was brought against me by the nursing home.  Jesus said, “They were undefeated through May.”  The travesty occurred on May 31 and the charge was dropped because I was unwilling to plead guilty despite their heroic efforts.  Jesus said, “Can the restraining order be far behind?”   The point being, in subsequent years, I have seen May 31st as an inflection point when my foes suffered setbacks.  This year on the 31st, in addition to the aforementioned vision, I was able to implement some computer applications which are effective in countering internet censorship, which may have been the miracle because it took some sleight-of-hand to accomplish.  I ran into Don on the trail the same morning and was able to anoint him with oil and pray for his health problem.

The end

Last night, June 6, 2012, exactly one week after I anointed the camp, the rain came down and the creek rose and we were camped in a known flood plain and, between the deluge and the looters, all was lost.  I walked down to the camp along the trail and passed Bob Smith coming the other way wearing my clothes.  It was Bob who suggested I be pastor.


The CSPD “hit team” swept through in late September and stole all my things, including the cruse.  I wrote about this unconstitutional raid in the post, “Satan Keeps His Word.”

On December 10, I went to the mission for dinner and Joe told me he found Bob Smith, 48, dead in his tent that morning.  There were no footprints in the snow which started falling midnight Saturday, so if there was foul play involved, it happened before then.


Set Apart Unto God *

June 12, 2011

Thursday morning I had a word of knowledge from Jesus Christ, Leadership is coming from all over the world to pray for me as an apostle.  It will be interesting to see who they really are.  Today, Pentecost Sunday, he led me to this video which concerns that very thing, although he said it’s bigger than this.  He has told me to go throughout the world and make disciples.  The gift is for everyone.  [23] For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.  (Romans 6:23 ESV)

Back in 2000, I had a vision of New Life Church and the Lord said, It’s so important that you lead.  He called me the head of the coalition church.  Had I won the Powerball in 2001 as planned, things would be a lot different.  I also had a vision of myself in a private jet and Jesus said, I thought I was a-head!  (Immediately after typing this there were two signs, a T-shirt reading, High speed/low drag/honor flight/is in the bag and a baseball cap made by AHEAD.)

Who you are?

God told me I have a Ph.D in post-temporalization, an anagram for “important Zion apostle”.  Jesus appeared to me in the 70’s and said, “Come and follow me.”  I didn’t know this was the apostles’ call at the time.  All this despite Stefon the Stiffnecked and his savage sedition.

Leadership wants to confess who you are; an acclamation of who you are; to affirm what you already know.  Jesus said the high strangeness, the flagrant persecution, is because of who you are.  In a vision, two angels and I fended off an attack in the spirit; we raised a rod over my  head to block the stroke of a sword and the Lord said, “I know who you are,” that I have been around for “eons and eons”.  A strange fellow once wrote down the name Urtheone for me.  He pronounced it “earth eon”.  He has called me the king and the anointed of Jesus Christ and the first Jew to succeed David to the throne.  Click here.  I once asked by the Spirit: “Am I really and apostle, God?” and recently got this word of knowledge: “It is true then; I really am.”  What do prophets say when they meet?  You’re fine; how am I?

* I prayed for the best title and the Set Apart Spirit gave me this title as I wrote.