Who Ordered the Soldiers?

September 3, 2016

I’m donating this to the poor–just don’t get any on me!  discernment from Jesus Christ

“You’re doing more harm than good.”  Jesus Christ to the Marian House soup kitchen

“We have to keep you people healthy…I don’t know why!”  a volunteer at the Marian House

“The homeless are being destroyed.” word from Jesus Christ

“They did things they thought would mess everything up but they messed things up for themselves.” Jesus Christ

God said, “Who ordered the soldiers?”

This statement refers to what He calls “C.S.P.D. and the Ludlow crew”, who are driving the poor and homeless out of the City of Champions, Olympic City USA.

Take up your mat and walk

But the vanguard in the war on poverty is the Salvation Army.  Napoleon knew from experience that General Winter is a formidable foe; even now, I hear the rattle of his icy saber.  One room in their abandoned building on Weber St. was used last winter as an ad hoc cold weather shelter for the homeless.  A mere fig leaf, it provided no food, clothing, showers, laundry or storage, but only a small spot on the rude floor overnight for the first 150 who showed up, and a nasty, small, thin mat with matching emergency disaster blanket between November 15th and April 20th, which was when the bad weather started.  Obviously an afterthought.  But how can they invoke the lucrative Name of Jesus Christ for donations without covering themselves, at least to that extent?  The Salvation Army’s flagship Robert J. Montgomery homeless shelter took a few overflow clients, but nothing like they accommodated years ago, when I saw as many as 90 on a cold night.

This winter shelter was permanently closed for no apparent reason last spring, and the Salvation Army is out of the emergency winter shelter business completely now.

The only other winter shelter in the city, located at the Springs Rescue Mission, is undergoing a much touted expansion to house 150 starting this November, about as many as were housed there before, leaving no place for the homeless to go in the mean time but the overutilized R.J. Montgomery homeless shelter, which the cognoscenti avoid whenever possible.  Of course, the new internment camp has no showers.  No showers, no Zyklon.  Showering is bourgeois anyway.

The safety net is shrinking.  Upon inquiry, Sarah, who previously ran the SRM’s winter shelter, gleefully told me “there is zero cold weather this year.”  Because, she continued, the new shelter at SRM will be used for transitional housing, not as emergency winter shelter.  What little is available, I subsequently found out, will be doled out on a weekly lottery basis, especially to the women, some of which look suspiciously like men in drag.  That’s why Cheryl won’t stay there.  Sarah knows I know they have a short list of insider favorites who receive their services and whoever is not accepted for the program will be out for good.  God calls it “the poorest excuse for a mission He ever saw.”  She promptly broke her hip and left the Mission’s employ.

How often have I sat eating a baloney sandwich for dinner and seen volunteers carry platter after silver platter out through the dining room for their catering business?  SRM recently moved that operation to the kitchen at First Presbyterian. hmmm….  Last I sat down for dinner, Daddy said “I told you not to eat here.”

Hobophobia ?

I do not believe these charities are struggling financially to the extent they cannot fulfill their mandate, despite all appearances to the contrary.  I believe God will provide something in this wealthy city for His people one way or another, but He will have scant little cooperation in the process.  Meanwhile, I will continue to prophesy the complete and utter destruction of the city, which they prefer to doing the right thing.