March 26, 2016

Tuesday the 22nd I brought an elevator speech about God’s judgment against the city to the council again; I didn’t want to violate the three minute rule.  This was the third time I addressed the issue of the wildfires; last time I spoke about the sit-lie ordinance, but God said I lost my focus and it misfired.  This information is contained in my Waldo Canyon and Black Forest Wildfire post.

Self-connecting dots

I began with a review, beginning with the 2008 email to the Gazette, which I hadn’t mentioned before, that never got printed: “Hear the word of the Lord: God will burn you with fire if you withhold justice from me.  By your own hand.”

Then on to the word from Jesus I delivered to them on my first visit in February 2010: “The city will be completely and utterly destroyed because of the wickedness of them who dwell therein.” And God’s answer when I asked Him to look on the ill will of my neighbors, that it is the “worst I ever saw.”  And my remark that the Gospel is not optional; it’s mandatory.

I filled in the timeline with reminders that 2012 and 2013 brought the worst fires in Colorado history in less than a year and that the Drake power plant was shut down due to fire in 2014.

After that, I recapped the rectangular-zone-of-fire-at-the-base-of-Cheyenne-Mountain vision I had brought to them in December 2014.  Associated with that vision was another which they had not heard about, a vision of the Broadmoor with a firewall around it.  God said, “They have a mammoth task ahead of them.”  I said I had warned the Broadmoor with an email and the address to the corresponding video on the David Tone Youtube channel.

I followed on with an update, beginning with God’s command to “Pray for rain”.   I said May 2015 was the rainiest month ever in the city and that rainy years often precede fiery years for obvious reasons.  I directed them to this blog for more information, giving them the address to the relevant post.

I said that last August Jesus Christ asked the following question: “How much is it worth to not burn?  I want to know what they stole and what they are going to do about it.”  And that this means I need to get justice for crimes against me personally.

I said God told me to hold a news conference, which is the next big thing.

I concluded at that point and left.


4-9-2016 note: “This is the final ultimatum” received this morning at 2:30.

4-17-2016 note: received words I think are fire related. “Twenty-thousand acres” and “5 or 600″ which could be a house count.  So far, the Waldo Canyon and Black Forest wildfires have taken 18,247 and 14,280 acres with a loss of 344 (NIST) and 486 structures respectively.  Two were killed.

Tonight is the last night the warming shelter is open and I will be out on the street again tomorrow.  Yes Virginia, there is a connection.