Terry Maketa

Local criminality continues to unfold like a dodecahexaflexagon.  But Jesus Christ told me “God will afflict the wicked and you will live to see it.”

Sodom’s Finest

Jesus told me to devour CSPD: “the police have had it too good for too long.”  He told me in jail that I had been kidnaped by local regulars.  He said, “They’re not listening to you” and “Be  heard or else.”  The man of God has many enemies: Four arrests.  Ninety-one weeks in jail, including general population, minimum security, maximum security, administrative segregation, the sick ward, the psych ward, the hole, the  cooler, and the fish tank, and I have yet to know what my crime was.

Our Lord also said He doesn’t recognize the sheriff’s authority.  He called the Criminal Justice Center (CJC) Cookie Cutter Justice and bemoaned the many dangerous “posse-bilities”.  What they did to me in jail was “against the law”, but He said, “I can’t resist.”  “What do you owe them?  You don’t owe them anything.  They are the enemy.”  God daisy chains it all for my good, in accordance with His word to me about the Super Duper Pooper Scooper.  Now, it’s “free printers and access.”  Nevertheless.

While in solitary confinement and 23 hour lockdown in the “hole” He said, “Believe it or not, there are some things humans won’t eat.”  One deputy–was it “Purple” Hazen?–did me a favor thereby and refused to feed me.  God also implicated CJC in the Black Forest wildfire saying, “El Paso County, it’s your jail.”

 The last chapter has yet to be written.  I don’t negotiate with terrorists.  Jesus told me I am the best man He ever met and He is going to let me throw the first stone in what He calls the Domestic War.  He continued, “Hire an expensive lawyer and sue them for millions.  The unfortunate thing is that [they] chose to violate the man of God.”  He said, “Change the laws of the land.  Change the world.  We got justice for 700 with one trial.”  He said my name is “Fear of God”. 

Remember the theme of all of this: Jesus said “the city will be completely and utterly destroyed because of the wickedness of them who dwell therein.”  The ill will of my neighbors is “the worst [God] ever saw.”  Read about America’s ignominious fate elsewhere in my blog.  They who lead into captivity will go into captivity.  If they can persecute me for my rectitude, how much more must they be prosecuted for their crimes?


You who!

target designation (Dec. 21, 2016)

By way of reminder, John R. Newsome was elected district attorney in 2004 but used his position for personal gain.  God removed him for drunk driving in the August 12th 2008 election.  My jail time fell within this period.  I believe his pastor was Reverend Donald Armstrong.

And police chief Luis Velez.  Jesus Christ said “Chief Velez is in real trouble.”

And Kelly Roth, chairwoman of the greater Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce.  Painted with the laser.  She and her passenger were “injured in a traffic accident that could lead to drunken-driving charges” (Gazette) and had to resign in early Feb. 2009….

See this link for COINTELPRO article 

note: after reviewing these videos, God said, “A lot of people aren’t going to understand.”