The Apostles Gathering

October 21, 2011

From Cary Goodwin’s newsletter #22:

I had questioned the Lord in the days prior as to why there were not more of the Body of Christ attending and involved in the work. As I was driving home from that meeting in Knoxville, the Lord told me that the FOOLISHNESS must be removed from our midst.  (Emphasis mine.)

In February, the Lord spoke to me and fairly sternly I might add, that He had called this Apostles Gathering and He had NOT Canceled the Call and that the FOOLISHNESS MUST BE REMOVED. This foolishness is not just among any particular part of the Church but is rife throughout the Church. Therefore this letter must deal with that subject before we can go on.

Yesterday some things came together for me.  God has told me that Jesus would connect the dots.  I felt led to read the Bible and opened to the story in 1 Chronicles about David’s efforts to bring the ark back to the City of David and I read about the appointment of trumpet players to sound before the ark:

Shebaniah, Joshaphat, Nethanel, Amasai, Zechariah, Benaiah, and Eliezer, the priests, should blow the trumpets before the ark of God. Obed-edom and Jehiah were to be gatekeepers for the ark.
(1 Chronicles 15:24 ESV)

This reminded me of the shofar which one of the apostles brought to the gathering and which he sounded offf on from time to time.  This struck me as being inappropriate and out of place and then some other memories flooded back of various things which bothered me, like the Simon Says consensus among those who wore the navy blazer, but I didn’t think were serious enough to mention and I thought, maybe the Lord thinks they were foolish, too.

For example, the foot washing.  I have always been suspicious of gratuitous footwashing ceremonies.  The first gathering I went to, I opted out against pressure applied by one of the apostles, who said it would be a blessing and deliverance to be involved, as it had been for him.  None of our feet were particularly dirty so I felt uncomfortable and declined to go into the room and told him to go, that I didn’t want him to miss out on a blessing.  The second one I went to, I reluctantly went in just because.  Nothing much to report, but I keep my shoes off when standing on holy ground.

Then there was the group who was thrown out of the meeting for some reason.  They had fasted forty days beforehand and drove in from Texas.  One of them, Gary Kunkel, who I had not met before, said to me, “You are the reason we are here.”  God told me “It’s so important that you lead,” and I often wonder if my not having won the Powerball when I was supposed to may have adversely affected the order of things in the Kingdom.  Jesus noted the “enormity of the loss”. 

Gary and I talked a good bit and he is the only person who ever made a contribution to my “ministry”.  Jesus later said, Ask Gary to help you, but when I was in jail my Hotmail account was shut down after ninety days so I lost his address.  Maybe he meant another Gary.  My former pastor’s wife, Jan Stenett, came back from a Vineyard conference and told me the word, Apostles and prophets are here for the Davids.  God told me, Everybody’s name is ben, but you are ben David.  My impression was that Cary may not agree; he often complained about people who showed up and tried to lead the apostles.

Then there was Holy Communion; pitchers of grape juice and some bread on each table which all could partake of as they pleased.  It struck me as unconventional, but maybe God told them to do it that way.

Also, the discernment process, being interviewed by various apostles, whereby apostle wannabes vied for the coveted navy blazer, seemed problematic.  I believe what Cary said, that God has given him discernment about who is an apostle, but I didn’t think it would happen that way based on my experience.  Jesus, for example, said that God would tell me whether someone was saved or not but he has not led me to ask anyone for a resume.  He told me about the Book of the Names of the Apostles; I have simply asked the Lord for access to that directory.  But I entered the lobby on schedule and was interviewed by a couple of apostles myself, Cary wasn’t present, and I recounted what Jesus had told me before I went to the gathering, namely, I hope you apostles enjoy the crossroads.  They were interested in that, but suddenly my niece showed up and I had to excuse myself and leave.  She was visiting a friend in Norman concurrent with the gathering, so she drove me down there and back.

These are a few of the things I recall which may be deemed “foolishness” by the Lord.  In a dream, I was shown the group as a mens’ club where they were lounging around in easy chairs and hassocks and I had to negotiate my way through.  Cary’s website went down soon after and I haven’t been able to communicate with him about these things.  It recently reappeared in its present form at the above link, still with no personal contact information.

I remember emailing a word to Cary, There are going to be fifty who know the will of God and carry it forward.  What was remarkable was that, when I pressed the send button, the message went out with great power, as if God’s finger hit Enter instead of mine.

I also sent him a copy of a poster for another apostles gathering being led by seven apostles of the Dutch Sheets contingent, noting the “seven heads” and “ten horns” in the photo: the portraits were positioned over two open hands!  God calls this “sign language”.

I attended, I think, the second and third gatherings, both in Norman OK, back in 2001 or so.  One of the apostles, who had counseled me to take part in the footwashing ceremony, said that God had showed him how much he loves me.  Jesus told him all our tithes were paid in Abraham.  He told me a lot about finances because God impelled him to do so, but that is what I remember.  He bought me a Whopper at Burger King and asked me if I had ever started any works.

That seems to be the litmus test for apostleship, starting works, which is probably why there are so many churches everywhere; he was also told that only three percent of those who claim to be apostles really are.  It is my belief that apostles do what they’re sent to do (hopefully), although Jesus told me, “You’ll know by the magnitude of the work.”  I replied that I hadn’t, but that I have seen a lot of works stop.  But he answered and said, Every plant, which my heavenly Father hath not planted, shall be rooted up. (Matthew 15:13)  By the way, what ever became of the Apostles Gathering?

Again, I often wonder if our current wretched reality may be, to some extent, a result of my reprobate refusal to win the Powerball in August 2001, three weeks before 9/11. I could have had PB and J.  David Edwards won; it was literally “David Edward’s” jackpot.  He said, “There is a God in heaven!” I have been penniless on the streets ever since.   Jesus said, “It’s not being offered to you, it’s being required from you.”  And, “I’m going to be ashamed of you.” “The enormity of the loss.  Obedience is always better.”  This is consistent with Scripture.  Don’t let him find you sleeping. 8-16-2017

I had a dream where one of the apostles looked at me and said, “I see the most golden beans (beams?).”  He did a double take and said, “Are those grape seeds?”

In another dream, I was sitting in a chair and Jesus came from behind and hoisted me from the chair and said, “This is David, my queen, the windy city…” I can’t remember any more.  Then we walked across the room and he introduced me to John the apostle.  He said “This is John.”  I have taken much flak for the queen word, but when the deputy brought me into the psych ward one of the prisoners called out to another cell, “You can’t take my queen!” and it is in that context which it is to be understood.

On Pentecost of 2011, I received a word of knowledge: Leadership is coming from all over the world to pray for me as an apostle.  God said, “It’s so important that you lead.” (ca. 2000)

I felt the Lord telling me not to be a partaker of their evil deeds and I know He didn’t want me to go the second time.  He mentioned The trip I told you not to take.  Why not?  Because I don’t want you to be dishonored.  Signs and wonders followed that word which I will not go into now.  Apostle Titus Yoder had told me that he was supposed to go and I wasn’t, that God had something else for me–I almost gave him my bus ticket.  I had a vision of Cary and he had “southern Baptist” written on his coat.  In another vision, he told me to let him know when I got a car; I need a “vehicle”.  I deleted a bunch of text from one of his documents and ended up with “Goodwink”.  But for all that, I believe he is genuine and his call is real; if you read his testimony, you will agree and I hope he gets all of the FOOLISHNESS (emphasis His) out and soon.