Arranged by category

A Photographic Portrait of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

Colorado Springs

Like Lord of the Flies


Sodom, Colorado

Sodom USA


Nihil Obstat 1


Banned in Blogger 

Divine Authorization

America’s Dilemma



Arranged chronologically

A Word About the Future

Set Apart Unto God

Another Zinger from the Lord of Glory

Churning Church


Decapitation Confirmed

The Apostle’s Gathering

The Real Star of Bethlehem (video)

Thunderstorm and Furnace for America

About my Blogger Blogs

The Day of the Lord

Colorado Springs Targeted for Annihilation

Crystal Cruse and Chrism

First Christian Church of Sodom

Scientific Facts

Time is up for America!

Sodom’s Brood

King’s Dream Interpreted Blacklist

Nullify the 13th Amendment Now

Saint or Sinner?

Happy Halloween

King David II, a testimony

Record Rainfall in Springs Harbinger of Coming Wildfire?

Reality’s Theme

Banned in Blogger: In Jesus’ Name

Banned in Blogger: Sodom Colorado

Sit-Lie Ordinance

Lawyer’s Lyre

Noah Count

Thus Shall You Say to Them

Criminal Justice

40 Winks

Scientific Facts

Land o’ Povertunity


Superseding Indictments

30 Second Best

Coffee, Tea or Me?

Who Ordered the Soldiers?

Jesus is the Whey

Is His Blood on Your Hands?

Title VII

Sodom Colorado (part 7)

Disaster Upon Disaster

Hear What the Unjust Judge Says

Waldo Canyon and Black Forest Wildfires


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