October 28, 2018

The pilgrims came from far and wide
to hear a noted brother
expound a truth before he died:
"Can angels see each other?"
He cursed the insufficient light,
like hampers on Parnassus,
for though he found his notes all right,
he couldn't find his glasses.

© David Tone


30 Second Best

July 11, 2016

The barroom brawled that he was right,
belted below the bald
in the two-sphinctered crotch of sight.
His knockled sockets bawled
that a cross tease could so disjoint
a bloody nose and bend
a wiry frame double.  He groaned.
“It’s just a poem, friend!”

copyright David Tone


May 21, 2016

The Bible showed me:
Jesus had to justify
most everything He said
and so must we.


I told some guy.
Predictably, he said,
“No, He didn’t.
Nor must I.”


Suddenly I saw
that, just as I had said,
I would have to justify
what I’d just said.

copyright David Tone

Land o’ Povertunity

May 19, 2016

What did the stars say to the stripes?
Do as you’re told.
What did the stripes say to the stars?
Take it from me.
What did the stripes sing to the stripes
before the stars saw stars?
The national anathema
of nanobillionaires.


copyright David Tone

Scientific Facts

March 30, 2016

The moon eclipses its reverse.
The earth revolves and wheels.
What acrobats by dream rehearse
the solar jigs and reels?


A seed is careful to prepare
a bud before it’s owed.
Iguanas and Guianas share
their alphabetic code.


Though Buster Keaton’s power wade
be deeper than appears,
the most reclusive star can fade
some fifty billion years.


How more resplendent be they now
than were they when they shone?
But my prehensile mind thinks WOW!
She left me for a drone.

copyright David Tone

40 Winks

March 30, 2016

A narcoleptic apneac
grew weary of it all
and married an insomniac
on Somniaxinol.

They had no rest to interrupt,
and much to their chagrin,
they had to wake each other up
to tuck each other in.  😉

copyright 2000 David Tone

Criminal Justice

March 29, 2016

When Dr. Manson got paroled,
they had to fill an empty bed,
but O.J. Simpson wasn’t told
and Randy Weaver’s wife was dead.

Then Richard Nixon’s lame excuse
to federal men, make no mistake,
entitled him to cheat the noose–
and the racket keeps me awake.


copyright David Tone