Seldom Colorado

May 31, 2018

The wicked walk on every side, when the vilest men are exalted.

[Psa 12:8 KJV]

God told me to “always use SSL and encryption keys.” He said,“It’s far from perfect, but it’s very important.” He said “the message has wings” and “SSL is the wings.” He said there are thousands of angels to help me propagate the word.

fourth-grade snots

Yesterday I worked my encryption chops at Penrose Library after a long hiatus. A security guard came down from the holy heights, stood thirty feet away, and glared at me. I didn’t know GPG was a “banned book.” Tor is inaccessible without the requisite know-how.

I found a shady spot to sit and drink a soda! Outside Phantom Canyon Brewery. Next day, the bench was gone.

Matt likes to tease me. He saw a video about liars in hell getting their lips cut off and that’s all I heard about. That is until Vernon ripped him a new mouth with a dull knife outside Starbucks. Never mentioned it again.

Haven’t seen Vern lately either.

Matt is very generous. He told me so. Like Gary Conner. He once gave me a razor but it was clogged with old whiskers.

He brainstormed aloud about who should receive a donation of cold medicine he didn’t need. Never mind I was in extremis myself.

“Rally my foes!” I cried. Matt Reece and Chris Twitch accosted me on the corner, whereupon the dear brothers threatened to crucify me upside down and set me ablaze. A bystander looked at them funny and they left. Matt is a Marine Corps veteran and we thank him for serving.

Matt reminded me in passing: “Don’t forget your friends when all that money comes in!” I said, “I remember those who remember me.” Nobody put money on my books. Chris vanished after I told him I was praying the Father to prosecute my enemies under federal statutes. I am told he froze to death.

recidivism revisited

Early August, an undercover gangstalker perpetraitor snuck up beside as I waited to cross. “When that light is red, you can cross the street,” he confided. “Of course,” he conceded, “I don’t know too many people who have J-walking tickets around here.”

Another drive-by. The nasty woman who told me the food was poisoned at SRM. She said, “If you sue the government, you always lose.”

Three strange words keep haunting me: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness…

…God told me it’s against the law for you to have a gun. No one has said why.
…He said it’s against the law for you to see that. Make sure you see it.
…and why was I deleted from my senior yearbook at Randallstown  High?

Happy New Year

God gave me a vision last fall. I saw myself sitting in Starbucks, the local lemonade stand two doors from USOC, with a venti paper cup. He told me to nurse it; said “that will get you inside.” It’s the only way because the SRM shelter closes before sunrise and the library opens around lunchtime. $3.00 per.  Lewis Powell thought of everything.

Po-porazzi, the bourgeois response team, swarmed in as expected. On New Year’s day Daddy told me the tea was poisoned. He said I have no choice but to drink it. See Mark 16:18.

Attended 7:00 mass at St. Mary’s before Starbucks opened. What else?  The temperature was minus. When the priest saw me at Communion, he turned up his nose, turned on his heels, and absconded with the Blessed Sacrament. 

More recently I was sipping my lukewarm Rev Up when a group of revelers at the next table made a joke about “glory holes”.  Ha, ha they mocked, that’s so funny!  That is so damn funny!  Ha, ha, ha, etc.  One would think they knew something.  Anything.

Should I tell them my name is FEAR OF GOD or twiddle my thumbs and let them find out for themselves?  God said I already won; don’t worry about it.  God said this phone will probably be a tremendous boon.

Another perp I can recognize but not identify had the bunk above mine at the stalag.  He overtook me on the Bijou Bridge (no witnesses).  All I heard him say when passing was “…glory hole in San Francisco….”  Never been there, but I knew what he meant.

Hmmm… This WordPress app resets every other word.  I’m glad it routinely saves my changes. 

Jan. 15 vision.  Green venti paper cup, lid, straw…and straw-size funnel.

Saw Greg Valentines Day. Told me CSPD threatened him with a $2500 dollar fine if he didn’t move into the shelter. Both Matt and Jack have told me that drones have been used to scare the into vacating their camps. Lights, lasers, loudspeakers (God adds, booby traps).  Life and love in the City of Champions.

Jaywalking Part 1
See post Hear What the Unjust Judge Saith

Jaywalking Part 2

Parkinson’s Law case study.  CSPD set a trap for me. Tejon and Las Vegas. Jan 6, 2019. It was well before sunrise–the shelter closes early (op cit).  There were, again, no vehicles in sight in any direction…except for the high beams shining in my eyes for camoflage from the conveniently placed CSPD car at the properly timed signal. 

A half-dozen vehicles and personnel detained me, cuffed and stuffed and searched me and drove me to the Police Operation Center fortification complex–God calls them “endemic”–to deliver me a personal recognizance bond and traffic ticket. 

I woulda done it differently. I understand that driving is a privilege and its legal framework derives from the consent of the governed…but is crossing the street not a right that deserves equal protection under law?

Again, the exhaustive search of Poor Homeless Man, in cuffs, included a procedure whereby my flash drive and smart phone (almost) slid off the hood onto the street.  My recording devices were among the first things stolen from my storage shed when first it was raided years ago.

I know, both by revelation and experience, that my enemies want me in jail so they can steal everything I have.  Jesus Christ said, “I want to know what they stole and what they plan to do about it.” (awesome payback.) I went to  court again on Jan. 30 and now face an expeditionary hearing.

Jaywalking part 3


I was determined not to push their buttons.

God said: They obviously are trying to kill the prophet, but I am going to allow myself to be known.  They know it’s about the money, but like the uncircumcised Philistines of old, the “Yabba-dabba-doo-ites”, they won’t go down without a fight.

Meanwhile, there were no charges brought in the vehicular homicides of, for example, Mel Tolbert or John Jesmer.

An evangelist for Caesar got behind me in a line at Carly’s on the 31st and gave me the following summation (threat): jaywalking fatalities are on the rise. But Jesus told me: “Why should I excuse excuses?” Caesar died and Jesus lives.

“Fed-Ex” has to be investigated. God calls him Bad-Ex. He said his name is Robert.  More later.

As in the days of Moses

24 So there was hail, and fire mingled with the hail, so very heavy that there was none like it in all the land of Egypt since it became a nation.

Exodus 9:24

Firestorm review: The Waldo Canyon and Black Forest wildfires, each the worst in state history, took 18,247 and 14,280 acres with a loss of 344 (NIST) and 486 structures respectively.  In less than a year. The Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association lists the costs as $453.7 and 420.5 million. Four were killed.

Again, the hailstorm of August 6 did $172.8 million of insured damage as of today (RMIIA) according to the Gazette of Thursday, August 16, page 1A. This follows $169 million from June 13 and $352.8 million from July 28th 2016, for a total of $694.6 million, from hail alone. (3.2 Billion statewide from one storm.)

Gazette Thursday August 16, page1

God said, “Let’s see how long it takes them to figure it out. At some point, they’ll add all this up and count the cost.” He said, “Crucify them lengthwise. Time is vengeance.” And, of course, “David showed his enemies no mercy.” See James 2:13.

I had a vision of Gloria’s office at VectraBank. It was mostly bare. A large electronic “ATM” thing was being ripped out of the floor. (8-19-2018)

The Confrontation Clause of the Sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution provides that “in all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right…to be confronted with the witnesses against him.”  I have never been confronted by an accuser.

And when he was come, the Jews which came down from Jerusalem stood round about, and laid many and grievous complaints against Paul, which they could not prove. Acts 25:7 KJV

Acts 25:7 KJV

When Jesus had lifted up himself, and saw none but the woman, he said unto her, Woman, where are those thine accusers? hath no man accused thee? John 8:10

I sat on my bunk at the shelter. I turned on my phone. One asked another, in my hearing, if he were looking at little girls on his phone. It was like a coincidence.


Notice my neighbor’s pretty pink blanket and bobby socks. This, too, is no coincidence.

Same location, outside Southside Johnnies. A large red statue of a naked woman. It’s now located at the PPCC downtown campus. Oh, I do expect a juicy settlement!

Moreno and Tejon, a block from the Police Operation Center. On my daily walk, I passed a full frontal portrait of a naked little girl leaning against a streetlight. Was it Lili Marlene? Next day, same thing.

The Guilty Party watches too much police pornography. 9-7-18. 2:20. Library. She turned from her computer and cried, “CHILD MOLESTER!” God says, “They got a lot of mileage from calling you names.” I said, “I am going to sue you for slander, as Jesus Christ lives.” I asked the librarian who passed through if she heard her slander me. Nope.

God said, “Lied to the police.” A word about her? When I go on a witch hunt, I get real witches.

The police were no help at all. God told me to “press charges”. On October 2, at the SRM shelter where we were both staying, He told me to “call 911”. We waited two hours and no one showed up. I walked to the police operation center and arrived at 9:30 a.m. The clerk told me she had no record of my call. God said, at one point, “Investigators will say it never happened.”

I told Bill McLaughlin about the incident since it was on SRM property.

to name a few

The woman has a camera crew of at least three. Here is a video of an accomplice.

Another stalker was present, whom I have described elsewhere. I don’t know his name, and short of a miracle I never will. He has been wearing a large white filter mask since I took her picture, doubtless to prevent having his own picture taken. He got in my face at Penrose Library and stated emphatically that “[I am] a homosexual and [he has] proof that [I am] involved sexually with a former security guard at the Marian House soup kitchen,” as you recall. I’ll get his picture, if the library doesn’t object. Her objective, at the very least, is to get me thrown out of the shelter and the library for the winter; but for the grace of God….

Note: In April 2019, I informed the library that I intended to take his photo and I haven’t seen him in there since. This is a precipitous change in pattern which implies complicity on the part of PPLD.

Called dispatch on October 4, 2018. Two officers arrived at Penrose Library but both birds had flown. They said I have to get everyone together at the same time and place to get the information I need for a restraining order. Catch 22: I need the ro to proceed.  The police told me later that I could not report the same incident twice, anyway. Another stonewall.

God said, “request a sergeant.” I called Gold Hill station and talked to a sergeant. He said  would get back to me but never did.

Three strikes.

Immediately after posting her picture, I received a wrong number from 17195938153 at 10:57 a.m., my sister’s birthday, and 2 voicemails from 18056377243. I never get phone calls–and no one reads my blog. God said “You have been hacked.

Thursday 11-14. I sat at the only computer I could find to write about my visit to the city council the day before. Surprise! she was sitting across from me, but departed when I sat down, after telling her neighbor et al. about “…rape children..he’s going down for it because…pornography was involved…he’ll never get out…eat shit and die”. Remember the “long line of inquisitors”. Everyone always thinks he is the first SOB to come along.

Useful idiots

I told her to get a good lawyer; she said she has the federal government. This neighbor was wearing a Trust in the Lord T-shirt. You know, Proverbs 3:4-7. I asked him if he was willing to testify but he “didn’t hear anything”. He and his friend were in the process of leaving just after she. God said my enemies are starting to feel pretty good about themselves.

The elevator slid open, revealing a confused little boy standing alone inside. My enemies are getting more and more brazen.

I shouldn’t say this, tee hee, but God told me he makes things up and pins them on my enemies. These false flags reveal the reflexive nature of God’s judgment. He said “they’re doing the same thing they accuse you of doing.” 

I was sitting in a church service at the Springs Rescue Mission several years ago when a man stood up in front of me, pointed and cried out: “HE’S A LIAR AND A THIEF!”  It was like business as usual.

That’s what Satan does

Midnight 12-29th 2018 the Spirit said, “She’s coming back…and she has backup.”

Then I sat at a table to read a Springs Magazine, Spring 2018 edition. A new young G4S security guard passed behind me and said, “That’s interesting!” Moments later I remembered an ad for Lost Valley Ranch on p.34. It featured a photo of two young boys hugging each other. I thought, You motherfucker!

Let us remember that Joseph was a convicted rapist and a registered sex offender. I am not.

I don’t believe it is possible for a good man to survive in America without the direct personal intervention of Jesus Christ on his behalf. Jesus Christ told me [I am] the best man [He] ever met. Satan calls me the worst. Let us remember his reliance on consensus since he lost his own credibility.


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