Martial Law

May 5, 2018

The world turns on a lag bolt and a crank. –from US Anthem by David Tone

Look around you. Everything you see is collateral for the debt. Jesus Christ said, “America will have to repudiate its debt and burn everything because foreigners will own it. America ruined itself and it’s going to the highest bidder. This debt will consume everything. America is doomed by the coming depreciation. America was doomed from the start. When America serves its purpose, they will pull the plug. Just watch while all hell breaks loose. We can’t let the Jews have their way.”

[Luk 3:7 NKJV] Then [John the Baptist] said to the multitudes that came out to be baptized by him, “Brood of vipers! Who warned you to flee from the wrath to come?….”

[Mat 23:33 NKJV] “Serpents, brood of vipers! How can you escape the condemnation of hell?

[Rev 3:9 NKJV] 9 “Indeed I will make [those] of the synagogue of Satan, who say they are Jews and are not, but lie–indeed I will make them come and worship before your feet, and to know that I have loved you.

When the bankers foreclose, We-the-People-of-the-United-States, being ourselves collateral on the debt, will default to what God calls the Zionist Superstate as neo-Palestinians. See Genesis 47. Lewis Powell’s Memorandum is to America as Theodor Hertzl’s Protocols of the Elders of Zion was to Palestine. Follow the money: the PBS special 1913 describes the veritable purchase of Ottoman Palestine with Zionist money.

The enemy already owns our military. God showed me years ago the vehicles coming into the city overnight followed by an announcement that martial law would commence at 9:00 or 9:30 a.m. He said, “If they don’t believe when things are good, maybe they’ll believe when things are bad.”

There is going to be a war in America. A “Domestic War”. [God is] going to let [me] throw the first stone at the big glass house. He said, “A machine gun never forgets.

My enemies have interned me in this compound for some time. God said, “I know you are greatly outnumbered and outmaneuvered.” He said, “Let me take this maneuver to the next level.” (8-9-18) He said, “You’re gonna rock my world.” (8-8-18) He said, “Do you know what you’re in for?” “To find the man of God, look for the persecution.” The man God uses greatly has often been set up by Satan; the calling God gives serves as validation and vindication.

I am still swarmed by conspicuous extermination vehicles for pest control. Animal Law Enforcement capture vehicles. Sewage trucks. The police are like black cats, always crossing my path.

[Act 24:5 NASB] “For we have found this man a real pest and a fellow who stirs up dissension among all the Jews throughout the world, and a ringleader of the sect of the Nazarenes.

A few of us returned from church one Sunday night. The security guard asked to scan my wrist. He said we were embedded with chips overnight. I told Jeff, a prophetic volunteer at SRM. He informed me that God gave Barry Scarborough the patent number for this device and it is in one of his YouTube videos. Jeff just happened to see it.

Another guard paused before searching me and said, “No disrespect implied or intended.” Obviously overqualified.

I don’t know what Don Marie said next morning, but I heard her say, “Honey, I need your password.”

Awoke and looked around the barracks. I saw what God called a “slave labor camp”. 6-13-18

5-5. This morning I had a vision of a fence along Las Vegas enclosing the vacant lot adjacent to the SRM homeless shelter where I was standing in the vision. Razor wire appeared along the top.

The Holy Spirit indicated armed guards were in the pipeline. The security guards are wearing holsters now. Rumor has it the guards are being replaced with MPs. The rent.

Years ago I had a vision of someone in a meeting saying “This could cost us a lot of money.” I pity the poor Christians who think they are supporting a charitable Christian rescue mission if SRM is co-opted by the beast. The beast comes in through officious procedures. Dave told us that 95% of their support comes from well meaning Christians.

I recently saw, in the spirit, someone in the courtyard who said “With all due respect!” Father appeared and said “You leave him alone.”

But God told me ten years ago “They need to start housing people here,” which I passed along to them at the time. God told me the R.J. Montgomery shelter was “put there by God for the people of God and He has a right to expect a Christian consensus.”

I thought recently that, even as the city blurs the distinction between captivity and freedom, the Lord will blur the distinction between guilt and innocence when He “completely and utterly destroys the city.” (in process)

May 8, 11 pm. Awoke to the words “hell hole” followed by the strong, sweet smell of carrot cake and frosting. Last year, God indicated a “gas mask”.

Late June. We were told at dinner that CSPD reported another louse infestation from Dorchester Park. Must go to hospital, get all hair shaved off and be whole-body bleached. Victims cannot stay at the shelter. I prefer Acts 28 when Paul shook off the viper from his hand and went about his business.

At dinner we were told the staff Fourth of July BBQ was cancelled due to high fire danger; they served us a chili dog without the dog.

July 1, 2018. God says they’re going to lock us down. Yesterday afternoon, person-of-interest Eric, an ostensible client at the shelter, showed off his new El Paso County Sheriff’s Department shoulder bag he “found in a dumpster”. He called me out and confronted me publicly about not being inside working when my name was on the list. God calls him a “co-conspirator”.

Likes to wear Keep Colorado Springs Beautiful (KGSB) T-shirts.

God told me to read Acts 12, in which the prisoner Peter was miraculously delivered from prison, and certain execution, by an angel. At least sixteen centurions were executed for that crime.

In late June, I had a dream at the SRM shelter. I heard God’s voice say “Wake up! Wake up! Depart the house immediately!” He said, “Notify the authorities.” I told the police at 911. This is the most recent indication that the shelter will have to be evacuated since I received the bomb warning more than a year ago. God told me to slow down; He will tell me when.

The shelter has fire exits, but they open out to an enclosed backyard with no exits. The fire exits are, as a result, mere window dressing. The front doors exit to an enclosed courtyard. I told Andreas about this. My mother’s cousin died in the Cocoanut Grove fire in Boston, 1942.

incipient slave state

SRM assumes I am willing to work at the mission as a trade-off for their charity. God has told me not to comply, and it is only by his grace there hasn’t been a problem thus far. He said the reason is that [I don’t] work there.

After several months of cleaning the courtyard, after Charlie himself said I didn’t have to, he reacted negatively to my uppitiness when I stopped doing so and ambushed me during check-in with a demand to work setup every afternoon before 5 p.m. I heard God’s voice say, “Greetings, Charlie.” and smoke a joke. I got blood in my urine again from lifting. God reassured me it was under control. He said I would know this afternoon and gave me a word about a “terrible crunch“. (6-20)

Which reminds me of the security guard at First Presbyterian who was crushed under an 800 pound gate after throwing me out of my Father’s house, or the crunch I feel when crushing a louse between my nails.

Related words:

  • Anything given to the man of God must be given unconditionally, with no strings attached.
  • Don’t do Satan’s work for him; he doesn’t pay very well. You have a job. 5-26-18 (Don’t forget the money.)
  • Don’t let yourself be pressured into doing things you wouldn’t otherwise do. 4-29
  • Pull the trigger, damn you! The Waldo Canyon Wildfire started the day after I was thrown out of the Salvation Army / El Pomar Foundation’s R.J. Montgomery homeless shelter. I know God intends to send another fire into the city and this persecution may be the proximate cause.
  • I can’t tell you anything!

God told me to buy some mouthwash, but I bought it anyway.

When I was incarcerated at CJC, or “Cookie Cutter Justice” as Jesus Christ calls it, God told me not to cooperate with deputies who wanted us to clean the jail. He said, “What do you owe them? You don’t owe them anything! They are the enemy. There are too many posse-bilities.”

I reminded one supercilious young deputy that he had a vested interest in calling it a “lawful order”, but that I didn’t think it was. God said, “I don’t recognize the sheriff’s authority.”

See my blog post, Title VII, for further discussion of this subject.

blurring the distinction

My Father in heaven said I was “kidnapped by local regulars.” How appropriate, then, that disgraced ex-sheriff Terry “too big to fail” Maketa was himself indicted for kidnapping and false imprisonment and extortion among other things. God is not mocked.

Charges of false imprisonment, kidnapping against Maketa should stand

…but did not. (Google “Maketa kidnapping”)

I quote Pam Zubeck from the Colorado Springs Independent April 18-24, 2018 p.12:

Last year and this year, Maketa was tried twice on various criminal charges, but the juries acquitted him on some charges and stalemated on others, leading prosecutors to abandon the case.


Now he can be reelected.

No one knows how the Black Forest Wildfire started in El Paso County in 2013, but its cause was the crime of the sheriff and the Criminal Justice Center. Jesus Christ said, “El Paso County, it’s your jail.” He told me, “What they’re doing is against the law.” He said, “People will go to any length to make the man of God look like a fool, but in his right hand will be the judgments of the Lord.

Discuss George Washington as American traitor dream. Jesus as heretic.

The following information is from Sodom 7, which is too long to be a blog post anyway. It concerns a bomb attack at the Springs Rescue Mission homeless shelter. I found a new pair of Bombass socks. One chronically homeless fellow has new ejaculation this month: he yells “BOOM!” and shakes for moment, as if…. Then you will read the latest information about that–when I have time to write it.


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